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Athens Starts Here

The pillars of Four Athens - Talent, Education, Community, and High growth resources - support our mission of make Athens a startup hub. We work with startups working on innovative solutions to the challenges of The Third Wave.

We Educate

Education is one of the four pillars supporting the mission of Four Athens. Check out our events to see what's happening.

We Accelerate

Over 250 teams have gone through the UGA Idea Accelerator. We're helping founders test the viability of their ideas and teaching them how to pivot. Join the next cohort.

We Incubate

Founders circles, partnerships, access to resources available to entrepreneurs - Athens Starts Here.

How we help

Membership with Four Athens helps your startup succeed.
  • Tick We work with our network to get you the resources you need to succeed
  • Tick Our companies raised $765k in 2016
  • Tick Four Athens members generated $22.7 million in 2016
  • Tick Jobs created by Four Athens members have a $44k/year median salary
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