50 coffee meetings

In 2011, I read Mark Suster’s blog “Why You Need to Take 50 Coffee Meetings.” The post stuck with me as we launched Four Athens and I continued to mull on the concept without taking action on it.

Finally in spring of 2012, I started taking coffee meeting after coffee meeting. The change in my life has been dramatic – more members for Four Athens, more supporters, interesting investors, interesting deals in the works. Read Suster’s blog and then implement his suggestion. I promise you are not too busy. No matter your job title, position in your company or stage in your career, taking coffee meetings with interesting and potentially random people is crucial.

At Four Athens, we are launching a challenge starting on 3/25. In an effort to promote taking 50 coffee meetings, we are going to have a competition. In our office, we will hang a leader board with the participants and the number of meetings they have taken. Each meeting will be verified with a business card and the person you met has to be new to you. Feel free to check out the board to see if someone else in the group met someone that you’d need an introduction.

To make this a proper challenge, we’ll have prizes for the first three people to take 50 meetings. First place will get a month free rent and 2 months free high speed internet. Second place will get two free months of internet. Third place will get 1 free month of internet. If you’re not a tenant at Four Athens, you will get a free membership at Four Athens for first place, a $25 Jittery Joe’s gift card for second place or a $10 Jittery Joe’s gift card for third place.

Want to be involved or have questions? E-mail me at jim[at]fourathens[dot]com or ask away on twitter at @jamesjflannery. You must submit your name to participate by 3/25!

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