A Growing Presence in Downtown

We’re excited to announce that Four Athens has a new office in downtown! In our effort to promote startups in Athens, we focus one pillar of growth on density – the more people that are working on ideas in close proximity and engaging each other, the higher likelihood that certain ideas will catch on, talent will find each other, bad ideas will die and the best talent, ideas and companies will accelerate.

To create physical density, it is the goal of Four Athens to have five office outposts in downtown by the end of 2013. We currently have locations at the A&P Building (165 E Dougherty St), The Georgian and our newest location at One Press Place. Pictures can be found here!

Many early stage companies fall into the trappings of “success”. One of those trappings is an office. Office space at Four Athens isn’t about pretending you’ve made it when you haven’t yet. It’s about creating. It’s about being surrounded by like-minded people chasing similarly crazy dreams and helping others succeed. It’s about challenging ideas and ferreting out the bad and working to help each other. Engagement creates success. If you just need an office, we’re not your solution. If you want to be part of building the Athens startup community, join us!

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