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Meet the Team

    • Jim Flannery

    • Executive Director

    As the project director of Four Athens, Jim provides information, guidance and assistance on business strategy, business plans, financial planning, and identifying sources of funding for Athens area startups. He is involved in helping spark your idea upwards of growing your company to millions in revenue.

    • Tamara Neff

    • Marketing Director

    As the marketing director of Four Athens, Tamara coordinates outreach, communication, and events for both the internal Four Athens team and for our member companies. In addition, Tamara helps launch new events to better connect the startup community in Athens.

    • Sean Reid

    • Education Director

    As the education director of Four Athens, Sean is responsible for all educational initiatives (youth, student, and adult) within Four Athens. He focuses on creating, delivering, and tracking curriculum designed to give Athenians the skills to learn to code.

    • Chase Massey

    • Community Manager

    As the community manager for Four Athens, Chase is tasked with managing our growing downtown footprint of offices, coworking spaces, and event spaces to house, host, and accelerate Athens startups. He is also in charge of helping tenants with their daily needs.

    Board of Directors

      • Dave Gunton

      • Board Member

      Attorney, Law Office of David Gunton

      • Stephanie Sharp

      • Board Member

      IT Senior Manager, Web Services, Franklin College

      • Tom Herring

      • Board Member


      • Usha Rodrigues

      • Board Member

      Associate Dean for Faculty Development, M.E. Kilpatrick Professor of Law, University of Georgia School of Law

      • Jonathan Wallace

      • Board Member

      Backend Software Manager, Big Nerd Ranch

      • David Sutherland

      • Board Member

      Lecturer, Terry College of Business, UGA


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