Athens Angel Fund Launches

Athens Angel Fund Launches Investment Fund

Athens, GA, August 1, 2012 – The Athens Angel Fund has announced the launch of a new early-stage investment fund.  The fund will provide early-stage capital to technology-based startups throughout the Southeast United States as a way to support and retain quality business prospects.

“We are excited to provide access to early-stage capital, which is vital to helping an entrepreneurial community grow in Athens. Access to seed funding is a crucial element in assisting young companies,” said Athens Angel Fund Managing Member, Jim Flannery.

The new investment fund will be an anchor to emerging tech startups in the Southeast as they seek funding, build innovative products and prepare for expansion.   The number of tech startups in Athens alone is steadily growing, and a new technology incubator, Four Athens, recently opened to assist with mentorship and guidance.

“It’s obvious that Athens has a large pool of technology talent that has faced many challenges, including lack of access to funding,” Athens Angel Fund member, Michael Ripps commented.

Raising this fund and other ones like it in the future will accelerate the flow of startups choosing Athens as the place to base their companies.  Available funding sources, coupled with the city’s eclectic lifestyle, make Athens a desirable option to startups looking for a home.


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