Accelerator Recap: Week 2

In a new series from Executive Director Jordan Burke, we bring you a week-by-week recap of what it's like to go through the UGA Idea Accelerator, an 8 week program from Four Athens, ATDC, and UGA Entrepreneurship. Week 2 focuses on iterating on your initial hypothesis, refining your customer archetype, and how to develop your value proposition for your customer.
Jordan Burke

We made it through Week 2 in the Idea Accelerator! Granted, up until Week 4 it's a self-selecting process, but it's still an accomplishment. 

The team has grown beyond just myself to include Lena Wayson, a Computer Science major and Society of Entrepreneurs Tech team member, and Kelly Carter, a triple business major (Finance, International Business, and Marketing) and Spanish minor. In order to keep on the same page, we meet 2 or 3 times a week to discuss our customer discovery interviews.

In Week 2, we interviewed 8 small scale roasters and 4 supply chain officers, including Jan Kozak from 1000 Faces, and Mark Brown from Starbucks. We discovered that our initial customer archetype (small scale roasters) might not be the best customer, and have since pivoted to examine the coffee trader node in the supply chain. Based on this change, we've also had to update our value propositions and build out a Value Proposition Canvas, to help us map the jobs, drives, and challenges present in the lifecycle of the coffee trader's work.

Our hypothesis to test in customer discovery interviews for Week 3: The tools used by coffee traders are vulnerable to modification, loss of documentation, and are burdensome to maintain. Based on feedback from the Idea Accelerator mentor team, we have broken the term burdensome down to encompass a cost of time, money, and lost productivity. The assumption we'll test moving forward is that by providing documentation at key points in the audit process will improve the ability for 3rd party certification companies to increase their throughput and revenue.

We'll see you next week for a round up of Week 3!

Author: Jordan Burke
Executive Director, Four Athens

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