Getting the most out of a Four Athens membership

Frequently, I run into people that are confused about what exactly Four Athens does. There is a lot of valid confusion which means we are probably bad at telling our story, but this post is an attempt to clarify what becoming a Four Athens member means and how we can help.

At its core, Four Athens is about community. Becoming a member gives you unfettered access to resources, connections, and other founders that you may not have otherwise been able to find on your own. We won’t make you successful, but we believe the density of our members can accelerate your growth. More explicitly, a member at Four Athens has access to four core areas of connectivity. However, as with anything, a membership is only as valuable as the time you are willing to invest. Due to the fact that everyone’s business needs are incredibly varied, our four core areas of help act merely as guides. If there is something more that you need, no matter how small, all you have to do is ask!

First, Four Athens members get access to physical space. Why? It’s important to be around other people. Particularly other people working on entrepreneurial endeavors. You learn from them, get challenged by them, and share best practices with them. It’s also important to segment work from play and having meeting space to segment your life is a great! So, as a Four Athens member we offer access to conference rooms, casual meeting spaces, and large community rooms for big groups. We have a philosophy at Four Athens called “butts in the seat”. When looking around at those who are succeeding and growing their companies, you can count on one important attribute – unless they are out selling a customer, they have their butt in their office chair working. Many times, people think of entrepreneurs as having unlimited free time to “hang out”, but those pursuing it seriously understand that it’s a job just like any other.

Second, members get access to special benefits such as members only events, mentor access, an online members only group, access to hiring resources, and talent connection services not found elsewhere. Ours is a niche community of highly specialized skill sets – developers, sales people for software, technicians. You name it and we probably know someone that is looking for a need or a job. Want to meet someone in a specialized field? Ask one of our mentors! Starting a new company and want to talk to an existing company in the market? We can help!

Third, members get access to help raising capital for their new ventures. With nearly a decade of capital raising experience, the Four Athens team is here to help, not only prep you to speak with investors, but also help make a few introductions. The capital process is still a highly individualized experience, but our connections, resources, and skills will be a helping hand during the process.

Finally, Four Athens members buy into making Athens better. We live in an amazing place in an amazing time. But, we can make it better. Becoming a member means you buy into changing our environment for the better. Let’s create more companies, more jobs, better wages, and an improved outlook for the entire community.

As a member, any of the above is available to you simply by asking – shooting a Four Athens team member an e-mail or stopping us in the hall. Ask and we’ll go to work on your behalf helping you find space, meet a mentor, or discuss fundraising strategies.

And it’s just $25 per month – join us!

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