Meet Allison Viores

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Allison Viores
Alma Mater: University of Georgia
Major: Child and Family Development
Hometown: Conyers, GA
Company: The Natural Baby | 220 North Milledge Avenue

How long have you been in Athens? I started living in Athens in 2004 for college. After college, Steven and I got jobs in Atlanta. The business started out in Watkinsville then moved to Chase Street, later we moved to Metro Athens. If you tallied it all up, we’ve been in Athens for about ten years.

Tell us about Natural Baby: The Natural Baby was an idea that started right around the time we found out we were expecting. I was a school teacher and knew that it wasn’t for me anymore. Steven, my husband, asked me what would make me happy; I brainstormed everything Natural Baby has come to be, but I found out that it was already in existence in Watkinsville. (noooooooo!) I was a little bitter but a couple years later we found out they were selling the business. For them, it was either to sell off all their products or sell the business. We came to The Natural Baby and are coming close to three years. There were a lot of people that were interested because it priced to sell. However, no one wanted to keep it as it was. When we came into the business, one of the things we could foresee was growth and unlimited potential in every arena possible. For two years we ran the business while I was still teaching and from Metro Atlanta. It was a lot of driving, a lot of time, energy, and hard work. In March of last year, we moved more local. We’re still commuting to work but are near by on the weekends.

What does it mean to be a Natural Baby: The products we sell are focused around cloth diapering, but we’re trying to get into the other aspects that kinda got left behind. Natural Baby stemmed from natural parenting and natural birth. When you become pregnant and start planning for the future, you realize how your choices impact your child. It changes how you think about things. That’s how the idea started. [More on The Natural Baby philosophy]

What are some of your short term and long term goals: Right now, since we’re in a location with other businesses, it gives us a chance to grow in certain areas. Our short term goals are to grow to a point to where we can open a new location in Atlanta. In the next couple of months to a year, we’ll probably have a few locations in Atlanta. Long term, we hope to be a resource center. Right now, we’re limited since the businesses we work with are the resource center for Athens. It’s helpful for us to be collaborative with the other businesses, but we hope one day we can go out on our own.

Upcoming news: We’re looking to update our website, which is one of the reasons we joined Four Athens. Keep a lookout for a website launch!!








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