Meet Chris Henseler


Chris Henseler
Company: Pylon
Alma Mater: University of West Florida
Major: Psychology
Currently pursuing his Masters at The Terry College of Business.
Fun facts: Born and raised in Germany, travelled all across Europe and to Africa.

How long have you been in Athens? I’ve been in Athens for a couple weeks [less than a week when we first talked- Welcome to Athens, Chris!]

Tell us about Pylon: Pylon is a beacon you can place on your wall. You hold your phone up to it and it will log you into the WiFi network automatically. For home users, you get to decide who can be on your WiFi and who to kick off. For businesses, it prevents squatters, has the ability to provide feedback, and can send notifications or specials to users on the network.

What inspired you to create Pylon?┬áThe idea of Pylon came when I was visiting a buddy who had bad cell phone reception. He was horrible at technology and always forgot his WiFi password. I thought to myself, “How cool would it if I could just swipe my phone against something and it would automatically logged into the network?”

What do you think are some benefits of having an office? It’s a think tank. If you’re on your own, it can get somewhat stale. If come up with a bad idea, you start to believe your own crap after awhile! Having an area with equally creative people you can get better ideas, it becomes a mashing of ideas.



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