Meet Glenn Stovall

Name: Glenn Stovall
Occupation: Founder and Web Development Consultant of Concordant Solutions. Team lead of  invitations for his May wedding.
Social Media: Facebook | Concordant Solutions

How long have you lived in Athens? On and off for about a decade. For a few years in D.C., I worked for a company called Simplicity as their lead developer. After that, I came back to athens when I got an offer to be program director for a company here. Also, my now fiancé lived here so that was another reason to come back.

Tell me about what you do: Concordant Solutions, I do web development and business consulting for startups and small business companies. For startups, it’s usually to help them get to the market quickly. For small businesses, it’s building something to help them make more money or save them a lot of time.

What are your short term and long term goals: I plan on expanding my business. I’m shooting to look for regular contractors or employees by the end of this year. For a year and a half it’s been just me; I’d like to have a small focused team of people.

Why co-working or what are some benefits of co-working? When I started contracting, I worked from home a lot and there’s so many little things you miss. It’s gets boring, quiet, and lonely not seeing people. I feel like with co-working, I don’t have co-workERS, but I still have the benefits (the water cooler talk, grabbing lunch with the person next to you). We recently organized a March Madness bracket, which you can’t do as a one-person company. Having the camaraderie is great. The downside to being self-employed is that everything falls on your shoulders. In any other job, if you get stuck, you can ask someone else for help. It’s great to have people, for example, like Matt Smith who does design.

Any news or recent accomplishments? I plan on releasing a book later this year, probably in July. It’s called Bootstrap Freelance. I met a lot of people that wanted to know how to become a freelancer, but they don’t know how to get started


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