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Name: Jason Davis
Occupation: Designer, web analyst and owner of Picobarn
Hometown: Alpharetta
Alma mater: University of Georgia
Major: Public Relations
Social Media:  Twitter | YouTube | Facebook

Tell us a little bit about your company: Well, I went full time in April 2011, so we’re at 3 years now. I’ve given it a 5 year runway. So we have two more years to decide to stop or have [Picobarn] become self-sufficient. We do wed design, online marketing, and online advertising. Basically, it’s myself and Laura (stay tuned for more on Laura) plus a dozen contractors. We do a lot of work with international contractors. We do the high-level conceptual stuff here in Athens, then take the grunt work to Vietnam, India – to name a few places.

How long have you been in Athens? What do you like about it? I’ve lived in Athens for 8 years now, graduated from UGA and decided to stay. New York is where you go to make it big, Athens is where you go to hone your craft. It’s a great startup community. Low cost in living and a highly educated population. Plus, it’s a nice place to live in. There’s very low-risk in terms of starting up a company.The coworking place ties into that in that the cost of office space is brought down to next to nothing.

Why co-working or what are some benefits of co-working? Well, because Laura and I are both full-time and sorta part-time, it gets boring not having other people to interact with. Typically, you’ll have an office with 5-50 people, and co-working is nice because you have the office environment without all the people. When I graduated I took up a part-time job in the College of Agriculture, and one of the things that was really great about working in an IT environment is that you learn all these different things. When working with other tech people – there’s knowledge sharing. In the Startup environment, there’s a lot of people who are on the cutting edge of startups and business techniques. You can gain a lot of feedback from them.

What are some of your goals long term and short term? Personally, I’m trying to develop more hobbies, I’ve spent a lot of my time in front of a screen. *cue 90s nostalgia* I kinda see myself as a designer, I like doing lifestyle design type things. Where one thing that you do has multiple purposes. I took up archery recently. I like it because it’s exercise and it’s a fun skill. Now, I’m gonna get into LEDs and small electronics. For Picobarn – by the end of this year, I’d like to have 25-50 clients and be doing a $250,000 of top line revenue.

In what ways has Four Athens aided you? I started Picobarn around the same year that Jim Flannery started Four Athens. Four Athens, or a tech community in general, is what I really wanted to see in Athens. It’s great to have this common group that people can gravitate towards.
When I say that I’m a web-deisgner, people ask me if I’m a part of Four athens so it’s well-known in the community. The co-working space and the office shares are a great thing for Athens because the dollars are so small here; there’s not a lot of income and it’s helps create opportunity. I think eventually it will lead to a stronger tech community.

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