Meet John Weatherford

John Weatherford

Name: John Weatherford
Alma Mater: University of Georgia
Strange fact: I’m pretty clumsy – when I was growing up, I broke a bone in each limb in my body at some point.
Social Media: Personal Twitter | Marca’s Twitter | Marca

How long have you been in Athens? I’ve been in Athens since 2003. I came in the Fall to complete my undergrad. I ended up sticking around to complete a combined BA/MA degree in English. When I graduated in 2009, the English department offered me a teaching job. When I started teaching, I got to know people who were working on a project that became Marca. I worked with them for a few years. In 2013, we decided to make a business out of it.

Tell us about Marca: Marca is the app for writing classes. It’s designed to save teachers time on the repetitive, time-intensive tasks like document management, basic error correction. It frees up more time for teachers to work one-on-one with students, focus on more in-depth feedback, or maybe even have a bit more personal time!

What inspired you to start Marca? Marca is built off of <emma>. The idea came from a few people (before my time) who had enough foresight to see that computers would become a vital part of how we manage our writing.  There’s a lot of general-purpose academic software that doesn’t make any particular group of people happy. So they said, “If we were going to build the best tools for writing-intensive classes, what would that look like?” That’s where Marca got started.

Why have an office here: To me, the biggest benefit to Four Athens is the network of people. The Marca team is spread across the country (we have folks in Athens, Atlanta, and Philadelphia), so getting to share a physical space with people that have the same approach to life and business is great.


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