Meet Josh from the Hackyard

Josh Marsh
Profession: Teacher, animator, maker and creator.
Alma Mater: University of Georgia
Major: English with MFA in Computer Animation (currently working on a Ph.D. in Theatre)
Social Media: HackyardFacebook | Project Blog | Twitter

How long have you been in Athens? My father grew up here, and as a kid I would come up for holidays and football games. I don’t know that I ever had a plan to go to UGA, but it worked out that way. I did my undergrad here from 2003-2006, taught English back at home for two years, then came back in 2008.

Tell me about Hackyard: I do too many things at once (I like it that way) and I’ve always enjoyed the maker culture, even before I knew such a thing existed. Tinkering and building are part of my usual routine. “Hackerspaces” kept popping up on different places around the Internet, and I found that Atlanta had several of them. Athens didn’t have any. A few years ago I tried to rally interest with some people on the east side. It’s been an on-and-off struggle to get something started…until now.

We’ve heard about your 3D printer, could you tell us more about that? It’s a Lulzbot, and it’s super. I would have built my 3D printer, but I didn’t have any time, so I just bought one. I also wanted something that was well-calibrated from the start. We’re using the Lulzbot to build a permanent one for the space—because I can’t live without mine—and it’s good to have a printer to compare to when building another.

What are some of your plans for the Hackyard? The largest challenge right now is developing a community and a culture that make hacking a priority. There’s a lot of movement toward the DIY/make-and-create world, and an endless supply of creativity here in Athens, but I don’t think that people have the right skills to jump right into hardware hacking. I’ve compiled everything that I have learned from visiting a number of other hackerspaces and now I’m focused on cultivating this community of makers and hackers. The most important thing for me to do at Hackyard is to load up the space with cool stuff and teach classes. I believe talented people will follow.

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