Meet Kari Baker

Name: Kari Baker
Occupation: Intern for Dwell
Major: International Business, currently pursuing her MBA at UGA
Strange fact: I was attacked by a cow in India.

Tell us about your company/startup idea: It’s a cleaning company that employs refugees. So the idea came from spending time in the Clarkson area, a small city outside of Decatur. There’s a large refugee population there with their greatest need in the community is employment. I was looking for an idea that was easy to implement and easy scalable.

How did you start this journey: International Business was my undergraduate degree and am currently getting my MBA in Entrepreneurship. This journey started for me when I spent the last two Summers in India working for a social enterprise. If businesses are a little bit intentional about how they implement their structure, it can make a big social impact. I saw that looking for a company in India; I want to start businesses like that.


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