Meet Laura Leidner

Laura L headshotName: Laura Leidner
Occupation: Copywriter at Picobarn
Hometown: Tifton, Georgia
Alma mater: University of Georgia
Major: English and Russian
Social Media:  Twitter
Fun Fact: When I was 16, I was the National Champion of Poultry Judging.

How long have you been in Athens? What do you like about it? I’ve been in Athens since 2007. I came here to study English at UGA. I graduated in 2011 with a degree in English and Russian. My friend, Jason Davis, had started his business already in town and we met through WUGA, the student radio station. I started doing a little freelance work with him, doing copywriting. When I graduated, he was my mentor and I did more copywriting online. I did copywriting for several clients under his mentorship. Eventually, he brought me on as a copywriter for his company, Picobarn.

Why co-working or what are some benefits of co-working? Namely, you get out of your house. Being a person that is self-employed is very difficult to have motivation to work every day during regular hours. For me, it was all about discipline, I needed to have this structure and the co-working space gave me that structure. The other huge benefit, other than personal motivation, is that I make business there. You make friends, but your friends are also starting their own businesses. Everyone needs help marketing and copywriting. If you have those skills, you’re doing to be an asset wherever you go. Just being in the co-working space every day has gotten me a lot of revenue.

What are some of your goals long term and short term? To be completely honest, I just want to write books. This is a great starting point for me. It’s a great way to make and save money while still having free time to write creatively. Do I want to do marketing and copywriting for my entire life? No. But I’m happy doing it now and I’m definitely going to be doing it for the next couple years.


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