Meet Michelle King

Name: Michelle King
Occupation: Co-founder Noisy Ghost PR
Alma mater: University of Georgia
Major: Advertising
Social Media: Soundcloud |  Twitter | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify
Upcoming news:  Visit Wuxtry downtown for Record Store day for Creepoid‘s release of Wet EP.

How long have you been in Athens? About 8 years now. I graduated college and stayed in Athens.

Tell us a little bit about your company: My company is called Noisy Ghost PR and we do promotions for bands and record labels. When a band or record label is about to go on tour, they hire us to be the media liaison. I reach out to magazines and blogs and try to get the news published. I’ve been doing PR for about 4 years, but Noisy Ghost is new (about 1 year). I worked at a larger firm before I started Noisy Ghost, which is why I’m doing the co-working space. I had an office for a long time with the firm, then I partnered with a record label based out of Savannah. Since then I had been working out of my house. It’s just the two of us, with my partner in Savannah and me in Athens. It’s nice to have a space to get out of the house.

How Noisy Ghost PR came to be: There’s a record store in Savannah called Graveface Records. It’s a retail record store and my colleague runs a record label out of there. We were colleagues through the industry and decided to launch this company together. Noisy Ghost is the PR branch of Graveface Records.

What are some benefits of co-working? It’s so much easier to get focused and stay productive throughout the day. There’s not distractions that you would find in a coffee shop or my dog at home.

What are some of your goals long term and short term? We’re considering relocating the company to Austin by the end of the Summer. Right now, we’re still a pretty young company and just coming up on our first anniversary. We’re in the process of building a reputable client base and getting a system of practices into place. We hope to expand a lot in the next couple years and bring on another press agent by the end of this year.


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