Meet Tim Beynart from NBC Universal

jason-picobarn02Name: Tim Beynart
Occupation: Team lead for video products development, Digital Products and Services, NBC Universal
Alma mater: University of Texas in Austin
Hometown: Atlanta
Fun Fact: 30 Rock is accurate in their portrayal. (Exhibit 1A)
Social Media:  Blog

How long have you been in Athens?  I’ve been in and out of Athens since highschool. I grew up in Atlanta. My wide and I moved  back in 2008, a little over 5 years ago. That was to have our first daughter. We came back just for a summer and ended up stuck here. I liked Athens because, you know, coming from Chicago and New York…the cost of living here is so much lower. Also, my twin brother lives here, we have a nice house, and I can ride my bike most everywhere in town. I like the small town feel; plus my wife has really good connections with other family and kids their same age. My employer’s in New York so I work remotely.

What do you do? I’m a computer programmer and I work on online videos. I’m the guy who, the last in a huge chain of pipes full of [doo] from when they make a TV show (I work for NBC Universal), I’m the guy that makes it show up in your web browser. I work in Flash and HTML 5 – making sure that ads show up. So, if you watch Parks & Recreation online, that’s my job.

Why co-working or what are some benefits of co-working? I feel like I’ve put in my time in the office. I couldn’t work at home like I have over the years. My entire career has been mainly freelance or remote with very little onsite. NBC is the first time I’ve had a full time job. The entire time I’ve been working with computers and I got it after I left New York. I worked in the offices as a contractor. I was in New York when YouTube was huge – I was positioned as a video guy and worked with flash videos. So it’s a pretty small community of people with that skill. Contracting is really the way to go, as long as you don’t really care about health insurance and all the other stuff (no benefits, maximum cash).

The entertainment industry is like that –  all production is usually contract labor. So, it’s somewhat normal for my office to have remote workers. My team (it’s pretty small) consists of me (in Georgia), a guy in Boston, a guy in Denver, and a few people in New York area and New Jersey. And it’s been that way for years, I’ve been at this job for about 5 years now. It’s been the same kinda crew, we’ve all kinda learned how to work remotely.

I had to get an office to take it a little more seriously. The kids will wanna get lunch, then I’ll realize I haven’t done any work that day. It goes in waves though, there’s periods where I can work at home no problem, but then there’s periods where I’m going crazy and I need contact.

Four Athens is kinda like one of things I was hoping would happen in Athens. Everyone is doing similiar work and has similiar needs and you can have a conversation. That’s something I had been missing from being a remote employee and working from home…there’s no one to talk to about work and it’s nice to be around people to talk about nerdy stuff. It’s actually nice to know that there’s people in town that do what I do.


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