Meet Zack Hawkins and the coffee mug that changed everything

Name: Zack Hawkins
Front-end Developer at Mediacurrent
Major: Graphic Design
Social Media:
How to get any coffee mug you want: [Prior to working at Mediacurrent] My friend, who already worked for Mediacurrent,  tweeted a photo of his new coffee mug. Jokingly, I replied via Tweet saying something along the lines of, “Wow! That changes everything!” Not long after that tweet, I was contacted by Mediacurrent about a job opening. Proof Zack Hawkins is a master at acquiring coffee mugs and the job.

How long have you been in Athens?
 About 5 years.

Tell me about your company? I just started working for Mediacurrent, an Atlanta based company, as their Front-end Developer. All the designers and developers are spread along the East Coast. It’s nearly 100% telecommute, and we build large-scale Drupal-specific websites. We’ve done work for, UGA, and

How did you get into developing? Whenever I was in the Graphic Design program, it was very competitive. To differentiate myself from others, I decided I would go into web. I have a good design background with the ability to work to code, and there isn’t very much of that out there. Even now, it’s rare to have a designer that can also code. I attended Gwinnett Tech to give myself  basic skills and have built upon that on my own. For someone who’d like to go into coding now, I would recommend IronYard or  Treehouse.

Why co-working or what are some benefits of co-working? Being at home can be really awful. Although you get a lot of work done, you miss out on the social aspect. What I like about co-working is that I’m exposed to different people that have different specialties. Mattox, for example, is freakin’ awesome! I wouldn’t have that kind of exposure at my job. So the fact that I’m exposed to him and can be informed on the type world is neat. It really broadens your horizons.



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