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Name: Mattox Shuler
Occupation: Typeface Designer
Alma mater: University of Georgia
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Columbus, GA
Social Media:  Twitter | Dribble | MyFonts | Hold Fast Foundry

What do you do? I sell fonts. I started out making free fonts. After awhile, one of them got some good traction (Moonshiner). From there, I decided to develop it into a professional typeface (which can come out to be about 250 glyphs.) I reached out to MyFonts and they were able to give back great feedback and tips. I fixed it up, submitted it, and started selling typefaces. Initially, I didn’t plan to get into this full-time, but once I started selling them I was making more money than my 9-5 job. I started focusing my time on designing, released more typefaces, and eventually left my job to pursue this.

How did you get into type design? I’ve always designed as a hobby. I was never really sure it was something I could make a living off of. So I studied marketing and kept design as background work.

Any advice for those of us in a creative field?
What I’m noticing today is that more and more businesses are recognizing the importance of design. The need for designers is growing and I think you should stick with it.

How do you design your typefaces? In the past I’ve done graphic and web design. I was in-house at a firm in Seattle. I got under people whom I respected and  gained invaluable experience. I was always surrounded by type, for articles and illustration. I’ve always loved typefaces, I used to ask for gift cards to MyFonts (haha). I got into it by seeing other designers, following some on Dribbble – where they were graphic designers putting out typefaces. I wondered what it would be like and downloaded Glyphs. Glyphs actually has some blog posts and tutorials which have been super helpful for me.

Why co-working? I was working from the house and had loved the in-house model. You get to work around people and are apart of a team. I was a lot more productive when I started working from home, but then it became hard to separate home from work. The community is great, I can run some things by another designer and get feedback. Having other people around to talk and hash out things is great.

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Note: This is just an excerpt from my interview with Mattox. If you have any questions, are a fresh design graduate, or are an aspiring type designer (like myself), feel free to contact me at – I’d love to share what I learned.

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