Mentor Gauntlet

We need you! In our continued effort to help startups in Athens, Four Athens is organizing its very first Mentor Gauntlet.  This 8 week program will connect 4 mentors with 1 startup for intensive, one-on-one mentoring sessions every other week.  The goal of the program is to impact the speed at which startups move from one lifecycle stage to the next.  The Mentor Gauntlet will be focused on the initial three lifecycle stages: Discovery, Validation and Efficiency.


At Four Athens, we believe the continued interaction between mentors and mentees is crucial to the formation of a sustained startup community in Athens.  Through the unselfish giving of time, talent and expertise, we believe that the broader tech community will be able to create bigger and better companies that will ultimately benefit the entire community.


We’re on the hunt for qualified and talented executives, leaders and entrepreneurs that feel they have a particularly strong skill set to help assist a startup in progressing through a lifecycle stage. The program will officially launch the week of November 5th, so if you’re interested, please e-mail us at jim[at]fourathens[dot]com and we’ll send you the full details!

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