New Additions to the Four Athens Team

In very exciting news, I am pleased to welcome two new additions to the Four Athens team.

As part of our continued mission to support the entrepreneurial community through relevant events and connections, we have brought on Salima Ali to develop, organize and oversee our events. Salima first joined the Four Athens team over a year ago as an intern. It’s been a fun year working with her and building the community. I’m excited to welcome her as part of the internal team. If you have any ideas about better, more or different events that you would like to see undertaken, please let Salima know. Be warned – we’ll put you to work organizing whatever you suggest!

Our second addition to the team, Aniko Benedek, is going to be tackling all of our member services to create further connectivity among the community. Most recently in San Francisco working for a variety of startups, Aniko brings an entrepreneurial spirit to the team and will hopefully impart on us some of her recent Silicon Valley learnings. At Four Athens we want to encourage more people to spend time in other entrepreneurial communities, take away best practices and lessons and then bring them home! Aniko joining the team represents what is hopefully the first of many people like this in the community and we’re excited to work with her. Email Aniko to say hi and welcome her to the team!

Back to work.

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