Open House- Jan 2013

In October 2012, Four Athens moved from it’s old location in the College Square Building to our new home base on Dougherty.  By December, every empty office in the building had been filled by an Athens-based startup, and our recently added second location was housing startups of it’s own.

This was very exciting for us, as it confirmed something we knew all along- a problem we had been working to solve: startups in Athens needed a support system and craved the density that other hubs boasted.

It was for this reason, we felt it only appropriate to throw a party, not only to show off our new digs, but to showcase and celebrate the innovation that was happening right here in downtown Athens.

At Four Athens, we believe in giving without expectation.  So, I’d like to thank HW Production Company for doing exactly that.  Below is a video from our Open House, which HW created without even being asked.  Thanks to the community for coming out and showing your support.  Enjoy!

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