Founders’ Friday: Pete Dugas, TSAV

Meet Pete Dugas! Pete answered some questions about his experience being the founder of TSAV. Enjoy!


RC: Tell me a little bit about your company.

PD: Actually there are a few but most people ask about TSAV so I’ll start there.  TSAV is an audiovisual consulting and systems integration company.  That means that we work with designers, architects, businesses, schools, governments, and others to help them with their technology systems including sound, video, conferencing, control etc. We work in the US and overseas. We work with hardware, software, and space.  We focus on user experience, working backward from clear understanding of our clients’ needs to the physical environments & technologies needed to realize their goals.  Our motto is “Facilitating Communication”.  


RC: What was your inspiration?  

PD: I’m inspired by people.  I love that I get to work with people who inspire me and who I look up to for a wide variety of reasons.  Some folks are inspirational because of their competencies or professionalism, some for their work ethic, some for their outlook on life, some their creativity, some their discipline.  I’m also inspired by building solid businesses in Athens, a place where I believe there should be more opportunity for graduates of our colleges to work. 


RC: What has been the biggest challenge so far?

PD: Technology industry is volatile.  And while our work extends into the more stable elements of hardware and systems integration, the same rules apply. 


RC: What has been the best part of the process?

PD: Getting to work with inspiring people and not having to work with people who aren’t.


RC: What is the most valuable lesson you have learned from starting your own company?

PD: Persistence is everything. 


RC: What past experience do you think has helped with founding your own company?

PD: Living abroad.  Exposure to military & government services as a kid.  Playing music which is helpful in recognizing connections and quantifying them mathematically.


RC: Where do you hope to see your company a year from now?

PD: Expanding to include more great minds, supporting more partnerships with technology companies in our area, and better at concisely explaining to people the breadth of what we do.


RC: What advice would you give others wanting to start their own company?

PD: It’s a marathon not a sprint and the implications of what you do every day impact the long term.   


RC: Are you from Athens?

PD: No.  I came for a weekend to see my girlfriend (now wife)….  that was sometime in the 90s…


RC: What are you most proud of about your company?

PD: The quality of our people and work ethic and the quality of the work that we do.


RC: Is there anything else you would like to tell readers about your startup?

PD: We’re always looking for the right people and the door’s always open.


Rhea Chatterjee
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