#southernstartuptour: Chattanooga –> Birmingham

The Innovation Depot was massive.  Massive.  After a week of seeing incubators and co-working spaces, they all begin to have elements that blend together.  And then we got to Birmingham.  On Friday morning, we headed into downtown in search of coffee. We failed. And were unhappy about our failure.  I think that’s the first time that I’ve been in a city center and not been able to locate a Starbucks.  That was a bad omen for the day that thankfully turned out not to be true.

We pulled up outside the Innovation Depot and you could tell it was massive.  And going inside just confirmed it.  It is a 140,000 sq ft, two city block testament to the economic potential of innovative startups.  The COO of Innovation Depot, Devon, gave us a great background, history and a fantastic tour of the physical space.  While they are about 15 years further down the road then Athens, it certainly gives us a target to aim at and hope for the future of what can be built with dedication and perseverance.


And on the food front, we finally found delicious breakfast.  Which was a fitting way to end our trip.

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