#southernstartuptour: Savannah –> Charleston


Jim and I kicked off our southern startup tour with a visit to Savannah, where we met with Tom and Ashley of ThincSavannah.  This was not our first field trip to Savannah- we made the trek earlier this summer for the TechCrunch meetup hosted by the Creative Coast.  We like visiting Savannah because it’s similar to Athens both demographically and culturally, so it’s easy to draw comparisons between the two.  But, the startup scene in Savannah has been established longer, so every visit is an opportunity to learn, which is then usually followed by a visit to City Market for some delicious food & drink.

There were several aspects of the ThincSavannah space that we loved: local art, recycled furniture and, maybe most of all, a community kegerator.

After a delightful lunch on the patio of Anna’s, we loaded back up and set sail (unfortunately metaphorically) for the great city of Charleston.  Upon arrival, we met one of Charleston’s young startups over coffee at Saffron Café & Bakery.  We then met one of our awesome mentors, Sam, for a drink at a rooftop bar.  It was a lovely place to debrief and unwind.  Upon recommendation, we had dinner at Basil, a delicious Thai restaurant on King Street, where I actually ordered something other than the Pad Thai.  This wouldn’t be a complete post without a picture of the food, right?

That sums up day one.  Stay tuned for tales of our adventures in Greenville, Asheville, Chattanooga and Birmingham!

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