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One year into our community experiment, we’ve taken stock of the existing tech startup community in Athens.  We’ve identified a total of 43 tech startups in Athens, have 10 currently renting space in the co-working/incubator environment and have over 40 mentors helping to assist the growth of the community.

As we discuss the impact the current tech startup community has on Athens, it’s useful to have some data. We can only manage what we can measure, so with that I present you our 2012 Athens Startup Data.  We’ll continue to analyze different facets of the community over the coming years.  This first analysis is going to help us understand who is in the community, how many people, how much money is being generated and earned and hopefully tell us what we need to focus on to improve.

With a total of 14 respondents, there are 38 founders, or 2.7 per company.  This number is slightly influenced by the fact that one respondent has 10 founders on their team.  The average founder is a male (76.3%), with an average age of 32.   We suspect that this number will trend lower as the community develops, more students become involved in projects and more students recognize the potential for startups in Athens and stay here instead of leaving.

A total of 34 paid employees (excluding founders) are employed by startups in Athens for an average of 2.4 employees per company. While the average wage is still quite low (reflecting the fact that most employees are part time), the average salary for a tech worker in Georgia is above $80,000 per year and we expect to see our wage figures reflect that within 3 years.  The part-time, low wage results are also a reflection of the fact that the majority of respondents are still in the discovery or validation stage, are less than 12 months old (64%) and therefore are less likely to have raised funds or be generating revenue.

It’s an exciting time to be a startup in Athens.   We’d love to see you get involved in the community.  Need a mentor?  Legal help? Office space? Want to talk to work through a business model? Looking for funding? Want to learn to code? We’re here to help – reach out to me at jim [at] fourathens [dot] com.

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