Stronger Personal Networks

Our goal at Four Athens is to accelerate the growth of the technology community in Athens and throughout the Southeast. One of our main beliefs is that density and spontaneous connectivity leads to stronger personal networks. Through stronger personal networks, business opportunities arise that would not happen in normal day to day business operations. Ultimately, people do business with people they like and higher levels of connectivity within a community lead to stronger relationships.

While much of this connectivity must be spontaneous (and happens merely by being around similar people daily), we believe there is an opportunity to spur connections, learning and growth of your business through clustering. You spend your day in meetings, coffees shops, conference rooms and on airplanes talking to customers, employees, potential employees, investors and suppliers. We preach the “Take 50 Coffee Meetings” mantra to encourage startups to get out of their box once a week and embrace randomness.

At Four Athens, we spend our day talking to other startups that are experiencing the same problems of growing a business on a daily basis. Four Athens exists to examine the startup ecosystem from a 30,000 ft view and identify connections and relationships that can help grow your business faster. In seeking trends, we hope to create solutions that accelerate your success.

One of the ideas we’re going to be rolling out over the summer is the concept of sector clusters. While Founder’s Circle exists to connect founders broadly, specificity can lead to increased acceleration in certain areas. We believe that a group of e-commerce founders meeting monthly to share tips, best practices and skills will lead to more success for all. We hope that a monthly meeting of SaaS founders can tweak and expedite some of the basic learning curves with which all founders struggle. We hope that a quarterly meeting of established technology company CEOs will help them identify new opportunities, improve efficiency in their businesses and lead to bigger and better Athens based businesses.

As we hash out these meetup clusters, we’d love input from the community on other ideas! You can e-mail me at jim[at]fourathens[dot]com or tweet at me at @jamesjflannery.

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