Talk Tech Spring 2013

Every semester we hold an event on campus with a mission to facilitate connectivity between Athens startups and students.  This semester, Talk Tech Spring 2013 was held at the Boyd Graduate Studies building and drew a crowd of over 150 curious students.  We’d like to thank the Computer Science department at UGA for helping us make it happen.

If you’ve spent any time at Four Athens, you’ve probably heard us preach about the necessity of retaining talent here in Athens.  Every year, UGA graduates thousands of future business leaders, innovators, and creators.  Unfortunately for Athens, we let the vast majority of that talent slip through our fingers as they set off to Atlanta, New York or the west coast to begin their careers.  We’re striving to change that.  Talk Tech exists to show students that there are, in fact, viable career opportunities in Athens, that you can stay in Athens to start your company and that there is a community to support your entrepreneurial endeavors.

A big thank you to HW Production Company for capturing a glimpse of Talk Tech Spring ’13.

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