Time is your enemy

Startups are tough. Everyone knows that.  But, we make them tougher by sticking with ideas that are objectively not working.  We let emotion and time trick us into continuing down the wrong path.  Too often I hear, “but I’ve spent two years working on this. I can’t shut it down yet”.  This is a dangerous place for an entrepreneur to find themselves.

Time is your worst enemy.  We are all on this earth for a relatively short time.  Figuring out a way to maximize that time is important.  If you spend even six months of your life on something that you know isn’t working you have done yourself (and anyone connected to you) a disservice. Prior to starting anything, you should validate your idea by identifying your customer and figuring out a way to generate revenue.  If you can’t do that, building a product isn’t going to help.  Be selfish with your time.

It is similarly deceptive to work on something that is going okay, but is not what you want to be doing.  We can get stuck due to a nice paycheck, a mortgage or complacency.  Continually question what, and who, you are spending your time on.  Spending your time on a bad idea is just as bad as spending time with the wrong people.  As Chris Carneal, from Boosterthon, states, “You become the conversations you surround yourself with.”  Be aggressive with your time.

I believe we all have a limit on our capacity to think creatively.  At some point, life begins to take over and forces us into habits, patterns and routines that make it difficult to think differently.  Dream, validate, act quickly, respond quicker and build something big while you can.  Make an impact on your world instead of merely occupying space.



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